AUTUMN IS COMING! It’s pumpkin soup season, yay :D

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The 12th Doctor by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Website / Twitter

8” X 11” numbered giclee print, timed edition release. Available today, for 24hrs only, beginning 12pm EST (4pm GMT), Sunday August 24th, 2014, from the Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook, HERE.

This marks the final piece (until the next regeneration) in the series that started last year at the 50th.Anniversary.

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Who’s this new lady in Josh’s life? Find out tomorrow at 10:30pm #PleaseLikeMe



Stephen Colbert gave Hillary Clinton a truly hard choice when she paid a surprise visit to The Colbert Report last night. Click here to watch.

#EdFringe, day eight: Aaah’m votin YES


Aaah’m votin YES, avec Bruce Fummey au Beehive Inn


Si vous avez vécu dans une cave ces derniers mois (ou que vous ne suivez pas Assa sur Twitter), vous serez passé à côté de cette information mineure qu’est le referendum sur l’indépendance de l’Ecosse. Pour propager la nouvelle, Bruce Fummey a parcouru le monde et a rencontré des écossais jusqu’en Australie et après mûre réflexion, il est sûr d’une chose : il dira OUI à l’indépendance de l’Ecosse en septembre prochain. C’est de la très bonne comédie politique. On notera que contrairement à ses confrères partisans du Non, Bruce Fummey nous fait non seulement rire, mais il a aussi des arguments en faveur du Oui. C’est instructif, hilarant, bref : à voir absolument si on s’intéresse à l’indépendance !

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Nos reviews sur Ainsi Soit Kilt!


Le Fringe ne commence officiellement que le 1er août, mais la plupart des compagnies lancent des previews et des répétitions générales avant le grand départ. C’est le moment de voir un maximum de spectacles car ils sont moins chers et moins bondés. Et c’est aussi l’occasion de récupérer quelques…


Charts show how history’s most brilliant people scheduled their days

Based on research from Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, Podio created beautiful charts that show how some of modern society’s greatest thinkers, writers, artists and philosophers spent their days. It begins with the earliest risers and reveals how much time each of them spent sleeping, working, socializing, relaxing, exercising and at their day jobs or doing administrative stuff like managing their holdings or paying taxes.

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Where do I begin.

So I had the misfortune of finding out that a photo taken of me on vacation by my boyfriend, was stolen and used without my permission here on the lovely r/fatpeoplehate on reddit. It not only disappoints me that people think that this behavior is okay, but that this subreddit even exists and hasn’t been removed at this point. There are TONS of photos of (mostly) women posted there; selfies stolen their personal blogs/facebooks/instagrams what have you (WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION), and posted on this horrible subreddit for people to harass them and leave hundreds of negative comments bravely behind their computer screens where no one can see them. I have always struggled with my weight and found it hard to get dressed and leave my bed some days, and have only recently started to accept the person I am after years of depression and health issues. I feel extremely violated and hurt that someone thought it was okay to take something that isn’t theirs, and use it for their own amusement and kicks.

We have since contacted reddit requesting them to remove this subreddit, but I find that doubtful considering how many removal requests they have probably received in the past for this forum, and it still remains active.

All I ask from you guys, is that you can please signal boost this post and hopefully get this horrible subreddit taken down for good for the sake of the poor unsuspecting people whose privacy has been violated and self worth diminished by these garbage people who have nothing better to do.



thanks for all of your support so far! keep spreading the word

if you can, please message ‘caught-u-mirin’ on reddit (the person who stole my photo and made the post above) and kindly (or not) request him/her to remove that post!

DICKS. That’s all.

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